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We all deserve to #GlowFromTheInsideOut. Check out the different ways I can support you and your organizations practice being audacious.

Motivational Speaking

I'm stopped giving people power over the stories of women-of-color and starting sharing my own narrative of our journey. Don't let the extrovert in me fool you; I still get butterflies every time I walk on stage. However, when you travel around telling people to "#OwnYourAudacious" you have to face the things that make your knees quake and your voice shake in the pursuit of cultivating the confidence, courage, and capacity of women-of-color. 

Here are a few of my favorite stories I've told for universities, non-profits, and conferences over the years:

  • #BlackStudentsMatter:  The art of feeling empowered as a black student at a predominately white institution

  • Stronger Together: How to reclaim "Comunidad" as women-of-color

  • Feelings Are Your Power Source: The art of running towards feelings, and how being in tune with your emotions can help you reach the next level

Equity and Belonging Facilitation

Learning is tough, but practice makes better. My role as a facilitator is to make it easier to foster equity and belonging on your teams through exercises and coaching. My approach centers the confidence, capacity and courage of women-of-color in the pursuit of team cultures that do the same.

Here are some ways I've helped teams and organizations be more audacious:

  • Equity and Belonging Workshops (Topics Include): 

    • Microaggressions and Implicit Bias: How to be accountable to the bias you can't yet see

    • Systems Change 101: How to disrupt systems while prioritizing your mental health 

    • White Privilege: The role it plays in robbing everyone's dignity (even the white folks), and what we can do to take it back

  • Team Coaching (Topics Include):

    • Building the case for Equity and Belonging efforts in your organization

    • How to incorporate Equity and Belonging into all your business practices

    • Audacious Team Building: Growing trust, accountability, and the safety to take risks on your team

  • Thrival Workshops: How to THRIVE, not just survive at work - Tools to escape fear and a scarcity mindset

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by Mariama Suwaneh

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